Building A Safer Hamden

09/15/2017 12:00 PM



The safety of Hamden residents and our communities is one of the biggest issues on the table this November. It is a fact that crime across Hamden is occuring at lower rates and with less frequency than just two years ago, and I am a firm believer that this is due in no small part to pro-active community policing efforts from the always stellar Hamden Police Department.

I've known Chief Wydra for a long time, and throughout our relationship we have always held a firm committment to helping Hamden residents. Our goal has always been to make a sincerely positive impact on the improvement of public safety within Hamden. Our boys and girls in blue are already leaders in the State of Connecticut, due to our involvement in advanced crisis trainings, emergency scenario operations trainings, the adoption of body cameras on all officers, and the new use of predictive policing software to discourage and prevent crimes. These accomplishments have made us all proud.

Hamden, however, is a unique place to call home. We share many issues with the State and surrounding towns, but some are very unique to our communities and neighborhoods. This is why Chief Wydra and I have teamed up to adopt a number of new community policing measures across Hamden - many of which you have probably already noticed!

For instance, since I was elected in 2015 we've....

  • Opened new Police Substations on Dixwell Avenue and at Rochford Field, with plans for additional stations in the works.
  • Established regular neighborhood "walking beats" for the first time in more than 40 years, with officers now patrolling neighborhoods on foot.
  • Created the first ever Bicycle Patrol unit, with routes in more than 10 neighborhoods throughout Hamden. Hamden officers are now a more local presence than ever before!
  • Conducted a number of traffic calming studies on at-risk areas throughout Hamden, and installed solutions to remedy identified hazards. We've...
    • Installed guard rails on Waite Street in collaboration with the Regional Water Authority
    • Conducted 3 seperate traffic studies on the Ridge Road Corridor, West Todd Street Corridor, and Todd Street Corridor.
    • Installed cameras, speed trackers, and rumble strips along Ridge Road, Hartford Turnpike, and within other high-traffic residential neighborhoods
    • Added painted bicycle lanes to many neighborhoods across Hamden
    • Repainted road boundaries and signal lines across town to better manage traffic flow and pedestrian routes.
    • Added a number of crosswalks in neighborhoods across Hamden.

Traffic enforcement statistics which compare summer months from 2016 to 2017 are now available at The verdict? Traffic Enforcement is WAY UP! Take a look for yourself at the MAY-JULY 2016 Report and the MAY-JULY 2017 Report.

What you will find is that the Hamden Police Department has, in most cases, doubled its enforcement of traffic related infractions since 2016. The FACT is that our streets are more heavily enforced than any years in recent memory, and because of this our neighborhoods are safer and our crime levels continue to decrease. Certainly, an accomplishment we can all be proud of!