Investing in Hamden's Neighborhoods

09/15/2017 12:00 PM

Hamden's neighborhoods are the core of what makes our town such a unique and special place to work and call home. All across town we find rich historical legacies, thriving business communities, quiet residential communities, bustling apartment complexes, pristine public parks and fields, and that ever present "Hamden Pride".

Anyone who knows me, knows that "Hamden Pride" is as close to my heart as it possibly could be - and because of this, my resolve to improve our neighborhoods is simply unmatched. I am a lifelong resident of Hamden. I want my streets paved. I want my sidewalks replaced. I want my parks renovated. I want my kids to play baseball on a field they can be proud of. This is why I ran for Mayor, and I will never stop fighting to make our communities better.

So what have we done since 2015? Buckle Up.

Road Paving & Sidewalk Repair:


I absolutely love paving streets and pouring sidewalks. When paving season comes around, Hamden's Engineering and Public Works Departments know its time to get down and dirty! One of the most important platforms of my 2015 Campaign was to expand Hamden's investment into our Streets and Sidewalks, and boy have we delivered. Check out these statistics:

  • 35 Miles of roadways paved since May of 2015. This is a whopping 15% of Hamden's entire 240 mile road system. We paved 11.5 miles - more than 55 Streets - in 2017 alone! Check out the entire 2017 list HERE
  • 8 miles of sidewalks replaced since May of 2015. We've fixed and refurbished sidewalks in just about every neighborhood in Hamden, with a complete list available on!
  • Re-vamped the sidewalk replacement program and reduced wait times from years to months!
  • More than 60 catch basin replacements PER year since 2015
  • Regular curbing and road patching scheduled throughout Summer/Fall.

Tree Planting & Preservation

Keeping Hamden beautiful is one step to preserving that "Hamden Pride" we love so much. I am very proud to say that Hamden has taken a number of steps to both improve the way in which we resolve tree complaints and issues, and also enhance the Town's tree planting and beautification efforts across our neighborhoods. Here are just a few steps we've taken in the past 2 years:

  • Expanded our Tree Crew and coordinated complaint and issues reporting with our Constituent Services Department for speedier resolution
  • Hired an independent consulting Town-Arborist to evaluate trees for preservation and removal.
  • Planted more than 70 trees in 2016 alone, with a similar amount expected for 2017!

The best is yet to come, as we have many more plantings on schedule for 2018 along with the introduction of new complaint reporting software (SeeClickFix) to our tree crews. Stay tuned!

Park and School Improvements


What is more important than providing for our kids? Not much I can think of. My administration, in partnership with the Hamden Board of Education, set out from day one with the goal of improving our public school system and recreational and sporting opportunities for our students and families. I went to Hamden Highschool, and I played baseball. I wasn't the best student, but I remember the feeling of stepping out on the field and playing ball. I want our students and athletics, our families, fathers, and friends - to step our onto our fields and be proud to play the game. In just two years, we've:

  • Rebuilt Millrock Park from the ground up, into two state-of-the-art facilities: Villano Park and Rochford Field! Last year we hosted the New England Regional Baseball Tournament, and Albertus Magnus College plays their homegames at Rochford!
  • Installed two completely brand-new athletic fields at Hamden High School, each designed for maximum athlete safety, impact absorption, weatherproofing, and drainage. The former HHS Baseball field was also converted into a a multi-purpose turf field, for a variety of sports, with a complete organic in-fill material for athlete safety.
  • Installed playground improvements and renovations at Larry's Playground, Legion Field, Cesare Field, Basset Park, Josh's Jungle, Ridge Hill Playground, and many more locations.
  • Renovated and adopted an energy conservation plan for the Louis Astorino Ice Rink, with expected savings in the thousands.
  • Restructed the "Recreation" homepage on to be more user friendly for our programs, league contacts, and facilities.

And this is just the shortlist! Our Public Works crews are constantly maintaining our facilities, parks, and gardens around Hamden in an effort to keep our Town beautiful and our facilities operating at peak performance.

As for our schools, we've been hard at work. Check it out:

  • In 2016, The Hamden Legislative Council passed passed two resolutions approving and authorizing the Board of Education to file an ED-049 for construction/renovation projects to be performed at both Shepard Glen Elementary School and West Woods Elementary School under the School Building Committee.
  • We've constructed traffic safety measures for student transportation at Shepherd Glen School to reduce vehicle and pedestrian hazards.
  • more to come ;)