Local & Large – Hamden’s Business Community on the Rise by Ben Klein

Oct 02, 2017

Local & Large – Hamden’s Business Community on the Rise


Dear Editor,

Just about a month ago, Burlington Coat Factory opened their doors in Hamden. They now occupy the same location where the old BonTon used to be. While I haven’t been able to go to the store just yet, I’m looking forward to taking a look around sometime soon.


It’s always welcome to see new businesses choose Hamden as their home, both for residents and as a boost for the Town’s economic growth as a whole. More commercial growth in Hamden is a good thing for all of us and Mayor Leng has been working hard to make it happen. In addition to Burlington Coat Factory, Hamden will see the opening of another store -- Aldi. It is unknown as to when that store will open, but again, this is another example of Hamden’s recent progress in attracting major businesses and retailers. 

I thank Mayor Curt Balzano Leng for his continuous efforts to help Hamden become a business-friendly community – it is important. Arguably more important, even while we are seeing Aldi and Burlington Coat Factory open their doors, we also see that Hamden is quickly growing as a small business hotspot. JJ’s Italian Kitchen, Plato’s Closet, Salad Palace, and Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies - all new small businesses here in Hamden. I bet there are a ton more.

I’ve met Mayor Leng and Dale Kroop, the Town’s Economic Development Director, more than a few times and I can say confidently that I believe they’ve got Hamden moving forward in the right direction. Mayor Leng supports Hamden’s business community – and it’s no joke. I subscribe to email updates from Hamden’s Economic Development Office, and you’d swear Mayor Leng was at a new ribbon cutting or grand opening every week. That’s what I like to see in my Town. Opportunities and growth.


Ben Klein

Hamden Resident