"Mayor Leng Leads the Charge on Smoke Free Zones" by Justin Cotto

Sep 08, 2017

Mayor Leng Leads the Charge on Smoke Free Zones

Dear Editor,


I would like to commend Mayor Curt Balzano Leng for his efforts to implement a town-wide smoking ban at all Hamden parks, schools, and recreational facilities. This ban is one of the many things Leng has done that shows how much he truly cares about the overall health of Hamden families. Furthermore, this also shows his commitment to improving our residents’ quality of life as much as possible - we all want to enjoy our parks and facilities without a cloud of smoke surrounding us!


The smoking ban has been in effect since Fall of 2016, and Mayor Leng is currently working on a proposal to expand the existing ban to encompass additional areas like the Hamden Farmers Market and other recreational facilities around Town. Secondhand smoke is dangerous to both adults and children - and should absolutely be kept out of our places of leisure. Imagine trying to enjoy a nice summer day at the park, only to have to struggle to avoid inhaling the fumes from a person smoking next to you. Definitely not a great experience. Thanks to this ban, families now can enjoy Hamden’s stellar parks and facilities without worry.


And, let me add this - by prohibiting smoking at Town parks, we will all see less cigarette butts scattered around on the ground. Our parks are absolutely beautiful, and they deserve to be kept that way! These cigarette butts are litter, and harmful at that - who knows what true impact they, and other trash, have on our local species and fauna, not to mention our community pride. We all know Hamden’s Public Works Department works very hard to maintain our facilities - I’m sure they will be big fans of a decrease in toxic litter as well!


Although some smokers may take issue with this ban - it is time to get with the program. Smoking is OUT, health and safety is IN! I know that Mayor Leng will continue working hard for our residents, to ensure that our families can visit Town properties without the fear of secondhand smoke or worrying about their health or the health of their children. This ban might not be for everyone, but it helps to move Hamden closer to becoming a healthier community as a whole.


Keep up the good work Mayor Leng, and see you in the park!




Justin Cotto

Hamden Resident