"Statement on Campaign Lawn Signs" by Mayor Curt Leng

Sep 07, 2017

Some people have asked me why some lawn signs have gone up really early this year. Some even thought it might be against Town rules. It is not.

Historically, Hamden once had a regulation regarding when lawn signs could be out and for what amount of time they could be displayed. The rule was for two weeks before an election. That rule was realized to be unconstitutional as a property owner can make a statement on their property whenever they want throughout the year. Our zoning still regulate the size of signs, but not the time in which they can be displayed. This was roughly a decade ago.

Since then the political parties have had somewhat of a handshake agreement to hold off on signs until a date somewhat similar to what was done historically and this kept it to 2-3 weeks before an election roughly, add or subtract a few days.

This year, my opponent in the Mayoral campaign has started putting them up in late August/beginning of September. Again, this is perfectly legal.

I've decided that for my campaign we're going to hold off until October and continue something closer to the long standing tradition so that our streets aren't covered in lawn signs for over two months. I will ask everyone on the Democratic ticket to consider and support this plan as well.

Just wanted to make sure that people knew why Leng for Hamden signs aren't around Town yet (and if you'd like one for October, please let me know by contacting me at curt@lengforhamden.com).

Thanks much and have a great afternoon.

-Mayor Curt Leng