Senior Tax Relief Hits Home by a Happy Hamden Resident

Oct 06, 2017

Senior Tax Relief Hits Home

Dear Editor,

            One of the many reasons why I am choosing to re-elect Mayor Curt Balzano Leng is because of all of his efforts to make life easier and more fun for senior citizens like me. I am 85 years old, and have been living in Hamden for my entire life.As a senior, I am on a fixed income. This can make my budget tighter than it used to be, which sometimes makes it difficult to make ends meet.


However, after the expansion of the senior tax relief program last year, I was eligible to receive assistance. Thanks to this program, I have seen a significant decrease in my taxes. This has helped me maintain my independence, which is extremely important to me, and also meet my budget.


            Furthermore, I recently heard there will be renovations to the senior center at Miller Library. This is terrific, and much needed. Some of the planned improvements include: a patio for us to enjoy, construction of a new kitchen facility, and renovated bathrooms.


            I am excited about these renovations, because I attend a lot of the great senior programs that the town has. These programs help keep us active, in addition to giving my friends and me something to look forward to every month.


Thank you Mayor Leng for your hard work for us seniors! It definitely is appreciated.



A Happy Hamden Resident